Welcome to my artistic galaxy. My creative self expression revolves around identity, gender variance, notions of personal transformation and metamorphosis by incorporating elements of symbolism and iconography. When I started writing in 1990 while in Los Angeles and performing in Montreal by 1994, there weren’t too many out performance/media artists from the Indian Subcontinent that I knew off. I shared my creativity through live performances and at queer film festivals. In 2006 I created my Youtube channel for my short music videos and live performances.  Enjoy exploring my various projects. Thank you for your time and support.

Previous Work Of Artist

My artistic body of work includes the long form experimental award winning documentary Solo and M!Mom, Madonna & Me. These films were broadcast in Canada and shown as part of official competitions in film festivals internationally. In addition to working as a performer for commercial film/tv projects I’m currently focused on my music practice as Tranie Tronic. For rentals or sales of my film/video work please contact my distributor Vtape.



This short animated film is based on the Urdu poem for children “Jugnu” written by my ancestor Indian author Ismail Meeruti and first published in the 19th century.
Garden is a surrealistic music video poem inspired by the theme of ancient Egyptian rebirth rituals.
Melding documentary footage with personal history and performance art, Solo honours the fragility of self-discovery in a gay search for relationship.
This auto biographical documentary looks back at my professional life which were informed by moms dreams and Madonna’s blond ambitions.
Alien Nation was an electronic, ferociously comic, cross cultural multi disciplinary performance.
“Erotic, Exotic, put your hands all over my sari!” This oeuvre deals with South Asian diasporic discrimination based on birth place/origin, race, gender and sexual orientation.
A camp dance performance with slide projections on the costume.
Violent is a dream like “gun in cheek” gay fantasy video
A fierce and funny monolog performance channeling the goddess Urania
Encounter is a twisted tale of rescue and romance performed as a video poem.
Amethyst’s Universe is a performance of 12 poems that tell the story of spiritual discovery, self knowledge and transformation.
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A stranger shows up posing as a home buyer to meet the wife of his/her lover.
Music video for The Bran Flakes mash up of the Dolly Parton classic song
Poetic music video for the song
Music video for the song. “Who you calling a Drag Queen?”