Welcome to my online home. It’s been a long time since I released new music. I was renovating myself. I made a sultry splash in the summer of 2004 during Montreal’s Divers/cite Pride Festival and continued performing at venues locally over the years including the Slut Island Festival 2017/18. My creative expression was very raw and urgent at my debut and this rebellious activist spirit unleashed itself. The Transmission Ep was released in 2005 and the full length album was released independently in 2009.

I now bring you my new release Transgression slated for March 2024.  May it bring us all  healing and liberation.
I was working on various demos over the years but this work was partially lost in a heist at my residence in 2018. This traumatic event led me to create Transgression and 5 years to complete it. I will revisit those  songs which were lost. They will be recomposed and produced. The good news is you may have new music from me every year until 2029. I sincerely appreciate your listening and  support.