M!Mom Madonna & Me

M! Mom, Madonna & Me opens with this quote from the Sufi poet Rumi. In this very personal exploration of identity, I look for reflections of myself and find them in the images of my mother, a Pakistani hair stylist and Madonna, the international pop icon. On my journey toward self-love and maturity, I see how my gender identity and professional life have been framed by my admiration of these two women. Dramatizations of intense personal events from the past demonstrate how the dreams and ambitions of Mom became my own. From a schoolboy in Pakistan, to a fashion design student in Los Angeles, to a performance artist and filmmaker in Montreal, M! traces my personal journey as I let go of judgment, both about myself and others and grow to self-acceptance and self-love.

  • M! Mom, Madonna and Me 2001 54 minutes SD Screenings & broadcast
  • Pride/Out TV September 2003-2005
  • Inside out Toronto Lesbian & Gay Film Festival 05-2001
  • Frameline San Francisco Lesbian & Gay Film Festival 06-2001
  • Image & Nation Montreal Lesbian & Gay Film Festival 09-2001
  • Tranny Fest San Francisco Transgender Film Festival 11-2001
  • Mumbai International Film Festival for Docs, Shts & Ani. 02-2002
  • Rendezvous Cinema Quebecois 02-2002
  • Festival Internazionale Di Cinema Gay Lesbico Milano 05-2002
  • Vancouver Asian Film Festival 11-2002
  • Jakarta International Gay Lesbian Film Festival 12-2004
  • Press for M!