Erotic Exotic

Erotic Exotic is an experimental video adaptation of my live stage performance. Its poetic narrative of immigration from Pakistan to Canada speaks of discrimination. The themes of sexuality, gender and cultural identity are prominent in this camp illustration. In the first vignette, a high society transvestite comments on the status of women in Pakistan and how they are ill treated by men. In the second, she transforms into Pari, a dancer who is rebuked by an Islamic fundamentalist on the basis of homosexuality. In the third part Pari arrives in Canada to negotiate their desire for a western male in a song and dance routine that salutes Indian Cinema. “Erotic, Exotic, put your hands all over my sari!”

This oeuvre deals with cultural stereotypes, discrimination based on birth place/origin, race, gender and sexual orientation. It subverted the cultural construction of tradition and social identity by theatrically illustrating these themes in the migration narrative from the Indian sub continent to North America. The choreography was borrowed from Indian classical dance (Kathak), vocal percussion and some of my own physical vocabulary.

  • Erotic Exotic 19 minutes SD 1998 screenings
  • Montreal Gay & Lesbian Film Festival Image & Nation 09-1998
  • Rencontres Video Art Plastic (Herouville St. Clair) 11-18-1998
  • Canadian Cultural Centre (Paris) Nov 24 to Dec 30 1998
  • Rencontres International Hors-Circuit (Berlin) 03-12-1998
  • Ecole National Superieure des Beaux Arts (Paris) 08- 12-1998
  • Dragged Out (Pleasure Dome, Toronto) 07-09-1999
  • Video Archaeology Festival at the American Center (Sofia, Bulgaria) 11-27-1999
  • Dragged out (Vancouver) 02-10-2000
  • Thomas Waugh’s Lecture tour in India on Queer Canadian Identity 02-2002
  • Guelph Queer Equality Program 10-29-2002 Massachusetts Institute of Technology “Between the Lines – Negotiating South Asian LGBT Identity” 04-2004
  • RIDM disorienting diaspora 2017
  • Queerowy Maj Krakow, Poland 26-05-2019