LAUNCHED EP 2005 & Album 2009
TRANSMISSION - Tranie Tronic - cover art

This album, many songs and actually my name is inspired by a heartbreaking affair. It was my late blooming and sexual awakening. I had never been crazy about someone to this extent prior to this encounter. My frustration, anger, sadness, and humour was unleashed in this project. It was a labour of love and allowed me to publicly champion the cause of making love relationships with gender variant people acceptable when we were  looked upon as just sex objects.

I had a lot of fun performing live, making a few videos and collaborating with friends. This was a 100% analog project recorded using a Roland 303 lent to me by collaborator Annabel Chovostek and a Yamaha beatbox of musician Steve Orton. The completion of this album was made possible by the generosity of my friends including Sikh Knowledge, Jordi Rosen, Charles Meinen, Gary Iannacone, Gerard Cleal, William Mouat, Ramzi Jabbour, Billy L’Amour and many others.

The digital and CD release of Transmission reached #3 on the Earshot! electronic music charts in 2009 thanks to listeners and college radio in Canada. Copies can be purchased via my store, Bandcamp and other online retailers like Apple Music, Amazon Music etc. In 2018 I was featured in Canada’s a Drag . Please watch my episode. Enjoy!

CBC Canada’s A Drag Season 1 ep 9.